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Utah Health Workers United (UHWU) is a unit of Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 7765. We are an organization whose purpose is to unite ALL workers at University of Utah Health in order to address our shared interests as workers such as compensation and working conditions.

Individual workers have little power in large healthcare systems. This negatively impacts our health, finances, and well-being. It also detracts from the outcomes we want for our patients!

Ultimately, we believe that advocating for healthcare workers is advocating for patients. We invite you to join us to transform healthcare practice in our beautiful state.

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Our Working Conditions Are The Community's Healing Conditions!


The current administrative approach of listening without action continues to be detrimental to employee success and patient outcomes, and is unsustainable. As a wall-to-wall union representing employees from across a broad spectrum of roles throughout the organization, we understand the issues facing UUHC, and provide the best and most effective avenue for collaborative solutions to worker concerns. Our long-term goal is to establish a lasting, constructive relationship with UUHC so that together, we can create a healthier work environment for all staff members, and therefore be able to provide better care for our patients.

While we work towards our long-term goal of collaborative problem solving, we demand the following immediate actions:

  • Address Income Disparities: Increase compensation to reflect the dramatic increase in cost of living along the Wasatch Front, and promote retention of experienced staff. Pay should match that of comparable flagship academic research hospitals nationwide. Develop transparent payment practices similar to the academic division of the university.


  • Improve Parking and Commuter Access: Provide affordable or income-based parking costs across all staff and executive/administrative positions. Improve and increase commuter solutions that allow workers convenient access and timely commuting to work. The current approach of expensive, poorly maintained parking and lengthy commuting via public transportation is inadequate.


  • Increase Leave/PTO/Sick Days: Enhance the current parental leave, paid time off and sick day policies to better support the health and well-being of employees.